About Us

The dynamic family Duo called ZAFFA feature Rob Warren on guitar and vocals and Garth Warren on bass and vocals. ZAFFA has become a well oiled machine cranking out sold out tribute shows, compilation shows, rock shows and their one of a kind original music shows.And now for a history lesson…

Rob started playing music as a profession at the age of 18 when he signed a record deal with gospel label Sarepta music in 1995, a fresh faced ginger kid from the south coast of Natal with a guitar and a dream. The album entitled ‘My World’ which was also available on cassette, was nominated for a FNB Music award. The album was well received and distributed throughout Europe and Australia. Rob toured extensively around South Africa and doors opened for international tours to Europe and Asia.

All this time Rob had been supported and kept on the road by his older brother Garth, who never played an instrument but took on the road manager role, round about 1998, Rob left the comfort of a label and took a break from playing music…although this break was short lived. The brothers then formed a new project called Thirty-Three, at this point Rob was playing with a bass player who (as you do) went to England. ‘we were driving to Joburg for a gig…and everyone was asleep I was driving…and thinking what I was gonna do for a bass player…and I felt the universe say to me…wake Garth up and tell him he is gonna play bass and that he should buy all of Ian’s gear’

This was a pivotal moment for the brothers. . . ZAFFA was born.

The brothers started collaborating with many of Durban’s top bands… the likes of Stealing Love Jones, The Pixie Bennet Band, Cat like thieves, Hairlip and many more.  Here ZAFFA got the opportunity to perform with renowned artists such as Drummer Andrew Makins and musical partner Steven Murray on guitar, both of whom have performed with local acts such as Stealing Love Jones, and The Pixie Bennett Band as well as international acts such as Fall Out Boy, Maroon5, Jimmy Eat World, Violent Femmes, and Seether. ZAFFA have since gone on to make their own name in Durban.  Captivating audiences through their passion, diversity and legendary rock and roll.